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Madejski Stadium

"Really seeing the effects of Staffmis now – in a matter of minutes I have staffed my entire week 10th – 16th. Can’t explain to you how many hours this has saved! Very pleased." Staffing Team - Madejski Stadium

The Madejski Stadium all staff cloud communications hub is made up of the Staffmis Information Management system, the Staffmis Communications Management system and the Casual & Cover Staff Shift Opportunities Workflow application from the Staffmis Time Management system. Staffmis provides a quick and easy solution to managing shifts for over 400 casual staff at this award winning venue.  

Odyssey Health Clubs

"We worked hard with Staffmis to put together the right mix of applications which best suit our operations and we're absolutely delighted with the results. The recording, tracking and reporting is excellent." Club Director - Odyssey Health Clubs

The Odyssey Health Clubs staff hub is made up of the Staffmis Information Management system and the Task Book, Handover Book and Incident Book applications from the Staffmis Action Management system. 

For Odyssey Health Clubs, Staffmis provides a highly effective day reporting solution, at a prestigious, award winning venue.  

About StaffMIS

StaffMIS is a software company which provides staff and operations management systems to service industry organisations

Multiple systems:

Information Management (featuring document warehouse, indexable document libraries, document access and version control and more);Communications Management (including multiple communications channels); Training Management (including a complete training index and directory, internal micro training creation and delivery system, learning record management, qualifications record management, on boarding and more); Action Management (including tasks and checks, data collection and reporting, incident management and handover management); Time Management (rotas and absence management, including casual and cover staff management) plus Third Party Systems Integration.

Multiple configurations:

StaffMIS systems are available in a range of deployment configurations, from single site to multi site. In each case we work with clients to provide a blended solution best suited to their individual operational requirements.

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