StaffMIS Professional Services

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Staffmis professional services assist with system setup and content

Staffmis systems and applications are fantastic operations management utilities. But some areas need content and organisation, and sometimes more. 

StaffMIS Professional Services :

StaffMIS professional services are delivered by quality management and health and safety specialists Right Directions. The Right Directions StaffMIS Professional Services team are able to assist with a range of framework, content, process and advisory services with regards QMS / IMS using the StaffMIS IMS + system as well as NOP / SOP processes as well and their integration and operation in the StaffMIS Centre Log system. 

IMS + Frameworks & Content Management

The Right Directions StaffMIS Professional Services team are available at a competitive hourly rate to help you move your QMS / IMS content up onto Staffmis IMS +. Before you even start with document control and version control, you might just need a hand to get everything moved onto your new digital platform.

IMS / QMS Frameworks

The Right Directions StaffMIS Professional Services Team have a number of different IMS / QMS frameworks to suite a variety of different organisations: Leisure Centres, Trampoline Parks, Climbing Centres, Watersports Centres, Creche, Nursery and more. We can quickly and easily upload a framework, which you can then add content to

Quality Management Services

Right Directions, can also help review your curent quality framework and content and assist in bringing everything up to date. Right Directions provide a dynamic, realistic & alternative way of providing Quality Management and Health & Safety support to organisations

Right Directions Quality Management Services includes:

  • Provision & Implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) to suit your Business needs
  • Helping you achieve Quest (or higher scores), investors in people or ISO 9001
  • Internal Quality Audits
  • Benchmarking for Quality Audits & Mystery Visits
  • External Quality Audits
  • Administration of Quality Management Systems
  • Chair management performance review meetings - Discuss audits and manage the quality system, updating procedures and distribution
  • Chair ISO Meetings / Quest meeting
  • Installation of Corporate Central Filing System
  • Archiving records, re-organising filing system & installation and management of IMS/QMS filing
  • Mystery Visits
  • Provision of Operational Manuals for areas such as Environmental, Crèche, Human Resources, Arts & Heritage & Technical
  • Client Forums held twice a year

NOP / SOP Process Migration

The Right Directions StaffMIS Professional Services team can also assist with NOP / SOP migration into the StaffMIS Centre Log system. The team will work with you to move everything you do every day, week, month and more, off paper and spreadsheets and digitised on StaffMIS.


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