StaffMIS is a software company which provides staff and operations management applications to leisure industry organisations


Dock, manage, assign and control all company training components and records, all on one single, online matrix .... < more >


Centre Log is a facility action management application, including tasks, checks and inspections, incident management, handovers, assets and stock management. obserrvations .... < more >


IMS + is an information management and document control system. Information organisation, publication, distribution and management, version control, employee acknowledgement, competency testing .... < more >


Time Book is a rotas and absence management application. Including rota scheduling, cover shift management, holidays, sickness .... < more >


Staff Reach is an internal communications application. Including messages, in message chat, memos, notices, news, to dos, polls, surveys, consultations .... < more >


Each StaffMIS application is available as a stand alone function, but multiple applications can also be integrated together on a single, central, multi-functional hub platform ... < more >


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Centre Log is a tasks, checks, incidents and inspections, assets and stock management application. Centre Log manages all facility tasks and checks, scheduled and ad hoc, and includes extensive reporting. Incidents can be raised and escalated, updated and closed. All daily notes and actions can be recorded in an electronic handover diary. And assets and stock can be tracked and reported ... < more >


Dock, manage, assign and control all company training components and records, all on one single, online matrix. Training Dock enables you to manage all of your company training, including internal and external courses, workshops, suppliers, assignment, records, certificates  ... < more >


StaffMIS IMS + is about information management and document control. IMS + enables organations to store, publish, accountably distribute and version control operations information in a single, central online library. Employees can easily access anytime, anywhere, on any device, and are instantly and accountably informed whenever information is updated ... < more >


Staff Reach is an internal communications application. Multiple functions include messages, memos, news, discussions, to dos, notices and a survey / poll / consultations management system. Reach delivers end to end workforce communications in an instant, with engagement and accountability tools ... < more >


StaffMIS Time Book is a rota and absence management application designed specifically for the leisure industry. Time Book includes recurring rota schedules, cover shift workflows, split shifts, multiple job roles, shift clash management, holiday management, TOIL, sickness management, event rotas and extensive reporting ... < more >


StaffMIS Core is the data base and organisational framework for all StaffMIS applications. StaffMIS Core includes a staff, job roles, departments, locations and assets database, all set up on a smart business organisational framework ... < more >


StaffMIS Hub is an integrated multiple applications platform we provide for clients. StaffMIS Hub enables companies to provide a single, central multi-functional online hub for staff, on which staff are able to access everything they need, all in one place. StafMIS Hub isn't just about StaffMIS applications, StaffMIS Hub also enables links to third party systems and applications as well ... < more >


StaffMIS Global Training is a services resources, providing a range of courses and resources which can be incorporated seamlessly within StaffMIS systems. StaffMIS Global Training has been created with a combination of StaffMIS Training DockStaffMIS IMS +, and a new global enablement platform, which enables delivery of an array of courses and resources developed with a range of industry partners ... < more >

About StaffMIS

StaffMIS is a software company which provides staff and operations management applications to service industry organisations

Multiple Applications:

Information Management (featuring document warehouse, indexable document libraries, document access and version control and more); Communications Management (including multiple communications channels); Training Management (enables you to dock, manage, assign and control all company training components and records, all on one single, online matrix. With Training Dock you can manage all of your company training, including components, suppliers, assignment, records, certificates, and more, as well as your training framework and a creation studio for building your own courses and classes); Action Management (facility and staff action management including tasks and checks, data collection and reporting, incident management, handover management, assets and stock control); Time Management (rotas and absence management, including casual and cover staff management).

Multiple configurations

StaffMIS applications are available in a range of deployment configurations, from single site to multi site. In each case we work with clients to provide a blended solution best suited to their individual operational requirements.

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